Development Consultancy & Advisory


Marcton offers a professional consultancy & advisory services to clients and partners.


Our service is impartial, informative and value adding and is suitable for clients and partners who own or control real estate and/or considering a development proposal but lack the development experience & expertise to make an informed decision.


Our service will detail what the highest and best use for property assets. This includes surplus land, obsolete properties, disposal, development and re-development opportunities available to maximise returns and to identify suitable exit strategies.



Fee Structure


Marcton's Development Advisory services are provided on the following fee basis. These fees are varied within a specified range in reflection of the size, nature and geographical location of each project.


Development Consultancy or Advisory

Agreed monthly or fixed retainer


Performance Fee

Marcton also structures a Performance Fee where appropiate based on a successful pre-defined objective being achieved. This competitive fee structure enhances Marcton's capacity to maximise investment returns to clients and partners.



Disbursements relate to upfront expenditure incurred by Marcton such as valuation reports, survey & engineer reports. Reimbursed at cost + nominal administration fee


Service inclusions


-Professional, tailored service to client or partner requirements

-One point of contact over the engagement to avoid dealing with multiple parties

-All consultations & findings are detailed in a professional PDF and hard copy report format.





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