• Deal origination through on market, off market sources, agents, landowners

  • Short listing of opportunities based on client or partner criteria

  • Present shortlisted opportunities & make recommendation



  • Appraise the subject site and preparation of a report detailing highest and best use, target market, development strategy, the particulars of the property such as planning history, zoning, existing improvements, topography, services, general features

  • Preparation of a detailed feasibility report utilising Estate Master software to assess financial viability of the development such as IRR, NPV, Dev. margin, Development gross profit, Gross Realisation Value & detailed cashflow forecast

  • Procurement of valuations - open market, site, rental, gross realisation values

  • Procurement of building, topographical, utility surveys as required

  • Preparation of a Development brief detailing the project concept, budget, programme, and risk identification and mitigation strategies



  • Sourcing debt/equity finance based on client/partner requirements

  • Negotiating attractive funding terms for the development

  • Preparation and submission of funding applications



  • Client/partner representation in negotiating price, terms, conditions, contracts, closing

  • Procurement, coordination and management of legals



  • Developing the marketing strategy

  • Procurement, coordination and management of the project marketing team



  • Developing the sales/leasing strategy

  • Procurement, coordination and management of the sales, leasing agents

  • Procurement, coordination and management of sales,leasing legals



  • Preparation of the design brief

  • Procurement, coordination and management of Project Design team-Architects, Engineers, Consultants, QS, Certifiers

  • Coordination, development & management of concept design, detailed design, design specifications



  • Procurement, coordination and management of Planning consultants

  • Developing and implementation of the community consultation strategy

  • Coordinating pre-planning meetings with Local Authority Planners

  • Coordination & management of the planning application lodgement

  • All Local Authority liaison



  • Procurement, coordination & management of Project managers, contractors

  • Attending pre-construction and construction stage meetings

  • Maintaining a focus on long-lead priorities & milestones for design and construction phases

  • Providing complete management of construction and budget

  • Coordination & management of defect rectification, certification & commissioning

  • Coordination & management of Handover items such as utility connections,keys,access controls,user manuals and safety file


Project reporting

  • Monthly project reports to clients or partners, which comprehensively address all aspects of the project including;

  • Documentation, approvals, construction progress, marketing, sales progress, financing arrangements and progress against time and financial budgets.

  • Conduct regular meetings with client or partner representatives recommending and implementing suitable courses of action as and when required


Project administration

  • All project-related agendas, minutes and reports are prepared and circulated

  • Arrange all relevant insurances for the project

  • Review and authorise all project expenditure prior to processing payment by the project’s investment vehicle



  • Coordination & Management of final accounts,finance discharge

  • Coordination & Management of closing legals

  • Coordination & Management of the closing program with all purchasers/tenants.

  • Coordination of sale proceeds


Fee Structure


Marcton's Development Management services are provided on the following fee basis. These fees are varied within the specified range in reflection of the size, nature and geographical location of each project


Development Management Fee

Irrespective of whether the project is an Marcton partnered Development or its Development management services are being provided to clients, a %Development Management Fee of Net Development Expenses (total development costs excluding land and finance costs) is applicable. This fee is paid in equal monthly payments over the duration of the project


Performance Fee

Marcton also structures a Performance Fee, based on outperformance of client and partner threshold Internal Rate of Returns

This competitive fee structure enhances Marcton's capacity to maximise project returns to clients and partners



Disbursements relate to upfront expenditure incurred by Marcton such as valuation reports, survey & engineer reports. Reimbursed at cost plus a nominal administration fee


Service inclusions

-One point of contact over the project life cycle to avoid dealing with multiple parties

-Professional Time, Cost, Risk management & Project coordination to increase profits and reduce costs & risk

-Access to our online portal with 24/7 access to all project documentation, programme and financials with real time updates


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Development Management

Fundamental to the delivery of a financially successful development is dedicated management. The importance and extent of the development management process are often not fully recognised.


Our service is flexible, responsive and adaptive and suitable for clients and partners who lack the time, resources and expertise to deliver a proposal from concept to completion.


By employing Marcton's expertise & experience you are buying peace of mind, professional accountability & outsourcing the demands of delivery.  


We can be engaged for some or all of the following lifecycle stages which can be tailored to meet any client or partner requirement.